biscotti baking

Sorry no pictures this time.  We have started our own business (as all of you have probably figured out).  We begin the Farmer's Market next Saturday and my sweet sister is going to come to our house at 6:15am!  to come be with my kiddos.  We have been baking like crazy trying to get a stock built up since we don't know really what to expect for the first one.  We have also been getting a few orders every couple of days it seems so we are busy filling those and delivering/mailing those out.  I have loved biscotti for years and my brilliant husband who always wanted to do his own business, decided to combine the two. 

Our website is BiscottiBakeryllc.com for those of you who haven't checked it out yet.  If you'd like to look at it please leave a comment.  The more comments we get on the website the higher the rating becomes for google so it gets boosted more (if you don't understand that, neither do I.  I'm just copying what Ryan told me).  We also have a facebook page of course.  Today we are cooking up the Easter recipes we advertised especially for the Easter basket flavor voting we did.  And of course it was EXACTLY EVEN!  So we have an excuse to make both flavors I suppose =)

Anyway, that's what we have been working on every day for weeks now.  Our biscotti recipes are all written up with measurements and all, but we are still fine tuning the gluten free that we'd like to offer.  MAN that is annoying!  I feel sorry for gluten free people, based off of how many troubles we've had getting the products hold together and not crack.  Gluten is my friend I have decided =)

Ryan set up a nice operation in our laundry room (but I had to give up most of my coffee bar =(  )where all of our packaging is set up with the bags and ribbons etc.  It works well for the little space we have in there.  Of course the bubble wrap for packaging he was smart enough to hang up high, otherwise it would NOT be safe from the munchkins!!!!

I have pictures of it which I will post later, I just wanted to update all of you.  We have a banner now, a mug, window decals, and of course our business cards.  It's like I'm a big girl business owner!  =)


The Moores said...

Wow! I'm hugely impressed with you guys! Wish I could try some of that biscotti, do you ship to Idaho? I hope it's all a giant success! I'm going to check out the website now.

Ryan said...

Yes, we ship anywhere within the US.

Shawn and Becky said...

Congratulations. It looks amazing! I wish you lots of success!!

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Congratulations. It looks amazing! I wish you lots of success!!


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